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25 April 2014

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Join the class who's students are earning $7.8M in revenue each MONTH!

  • Video 1 - Find HOT Products

    The first video of this launch series jumps right into how to find the HOTTEST products to sell on Amazon to build a quickly profitable, long-term REAL business.

    Then, we reveal the SECRET software tool called, Profit Spotlight, that's available for FREE for a limited time. This tool shows the STAGGERING amount of money products make that are sold on Amazon to open your list's eyes to the profit potential of this business.

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  • Video 2 - Automate your Biz

    In video 2 of the series, we reveal how to find high-margin suppliers for ANY product AND how to automate the entire business using Fulfillment by Amazon.

    This video shows how easy it is to get started with this business and how the entire operations can be automated and run with just a laptop and an internet connection from ANYWHERE in the world.

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  • Video 3 - Make your product SELL!

    In video 3, we reveal what's never been in a launch video series, how to LAUNCH a product to the top of Amazon's charts. Some new developments in how we and our student sell and dominate on Amazon have completely opened the playing field for new Amazon sellers and this video shows everything.

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  • Video 4 - The System

    In the fourth and final video of the series, we show the step-by-step system our students are using to sell over $7.8 MILLION worth of their own products every month, the Amazing Selling Machine Builder's Kit.

    This video is LOADED with proof from our incredible, $142 MILLION community of entrepreneurs, many who had never been successful online before.

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What You Get

  • 8-Week Online Web Class with Over 70 Proven Lessons
  • 8 Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • 7 Proprietary Software Tools for Growing this Business
  • Ticket to the 3-Day LIVE Hands-On Workshop Event (ONLY for ASM Members)
  • PRIVATE Access to the Super-Active ASM Member's Only Community
  • Access to the ASM Mentors, Experts Who Have Succeeded with this Business and Offer their Help to New ASM Members

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Automatic enrollment in the exclusive Top ASM Sellers Mastermind Group.

Some of the top Amazon Power Sellers have joined up and created a Mastermind Group like no other. We all have gone through the ASM program, have active businesses on Amazon ourselves, and we have regular calls to help grow each other's businesses. Learn secrets not taught in the original course, and lessons learned from our years of combined experience selling on Amazon.

If you enroll in the Amazing Selling Machine course, you can join our Mastermind Group for FREE. Just enter your email above to reserve your spot.


Simple Questions and Answers.

  • How do I know this is legit?

    The proof is in the pudding! Matt and Jason, internet marketing veterans in their own right, have applied their skills and have gone through the aches and pains of figuring this business out. Last year alone, they have generated over $5 MILLION in sales on Amazon between just their two accounts.

    What's better is that since launching this course in the spring of 2013, their ASM students are now earning over $7.8M in revenue per MONTH!

  • Does this class cost anything?

    Yes. Think of it as tuition into a college that teaches the secrets of that internet millionaire you always heard of. In just 8 weeks, Matt and Jason will walk you through, step-by-step, the EXACT methods they have used to earn MILLIONS from selling on Amazon. In the end, you will have a working business leveraging the largest marketplace on the planet!
  • I'm not very technical, is this right for me?

    This course easily walks you through building and AUTOMATING an online business which sells solely on Amazon. By following the course's simple methods, any student willing to put in the work can do this business. Successful students of the ASM training include 18 year old students and 60+ year old grandparents.
  • How many products do I need to sell?

    Amazon is the largest retailer in the world! With just ONE product, ASM students have earned well over a six figure yearly income. Some are even earning six figure MONTHLY incomes by following the ASM course.

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